A Bold & Unusual Debut: Interracial Romance Novel Explores Prejudices Within the Christian Church

Written by B.D. Anderson, ‘The Preacher’s Son’ is a complex and richly detailed portrait of a romance. Following the couple as they struggle with judgment, ridicule and familial discord, the novel strikes the balance between spicy heat and true emotional weight.


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Richmond, VA As author B.D. Anderson knows – if you’re above a size eight in clothing, many people don’t think you’ll be able to find true love – least of all with a male model!

But that’s exactly the plot of Anderson’s debut novel, ‘The Preacher’s Son’, and the themes she presents are resonating with readers of every shape, size and skin color.

Following main characters Jeremy and Aura, ‘The Preacher’s Son’ tackles the hard issues – like interracial romance, prejudices within the Christian church, preconceived ideas about manliness, homophobia and those who believe that plus-sized women can’t have a successful relationship with a thinner man.

“This novel is for anyone who might wear a larger size, but still believes in love,” says Anderson. “Aura, my heroine, never thought she’d find love with someone like Jeremy – but he adores her, and he’s willing to fight for her. What’s better than that? I didn’t want a cookie-cutter romance – I wanted to write about real people, with real problems and emotions.”



Jeremy Ferguson is caught between two worlds-the conservative, faith-based expectations of his Southern preacher father and his own ambitions to live the life of a model in New York City. Aura Vanderleigh is similarly trapped by her own battle for self-respect, her own family’s expectations, and her dreams of a better life. As a plus-size woman, she’s been indoctrinated with the belief that she doesn’t deserve love, let alone the love of a beautiful white man. She is surprised-and intrigued-when Jeremy shows up at her church one day. And fate has something wonderful in store: true love. When Jeremy returns home with Aura, neither is prepared for the backlash. Will Jeremy’s family be able to set aside their prejudices and accept their son’s choice for a mate? Can Aura’s family and friends learn to embrace her choice and believe that she deserves the love of such an extremely handsome and sexy man like Jeremy? Can they inspire compassion and tolerance in those who would tear them apart?

Since its release, ‘The Preacher’s Son’ has delighted readers and earned dozens of glowing reviews.

“It was the bomb.com. I don’t even review books. I just read them and never take the time to review them. I just thought I’d tell you that we need more like this one. It just was a real life story. It kept me wanting more,” wrote Karen.

Calling the book “a must read”, ACD wrote: “The Preachers son was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. I am familiar with this authors work so I went with high expectations and wasn’t the least bit disappointed. The book deals with family struggle, homophobia, racism. It runs the whole gambit without leaving you wrung out. You want this couple who at their core are super traditional yet on the surface many can’t see the connection. Definitely worth the money and you won’t want to put it down.”

“What a wild ride! I didn’t want this book to end. Highly emotional and so well written…I feel like a sequel should be in order, I want to know how Max turns out as well as Matt Jr. Keep writing B.D,” wrote Cris Mendoza.

As for B.D. Anderson, she’s hard at work on the next novel in the series – but her heart is still with Aura and Jeremy, and the hardships they faced.

“Really, I wrote “The Preacher’s Son” because most Christian romances I’ve read don’t really deal realistically with the issues I’ve presented,” says the author. “Even though Jeremy’s father is a minister, he has his own racial issues that he has to work through. He also has to deal with his feelings about what he perceives to be his son’s lack of manliness based solely on his feelings of what a man is supposed to be.”

Continuing: “Jeremy and Aura have to face opposition not only from family members, but also from people in his chosen profession who feel that he should have chosen a more “acceptable” mate. This story is for anyone who feels that their looks alone will keep them from finding true love especially from someone that society has labeled extremely handsome. It is to remind everyone that all men aren’t attracted to the same type of women – that’s what makes us human – our uniqueness. I think Aura and Jeremy are the true definition of love – they don’t fit any particular mold, and that’s why so many readers can relate to them.”

‘The Preacher’s Son’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1eWtl7e


About the Author:

B.D. Anderson (Brenda Diane) lives in Richmond, Virginia. She is married with two adults sons and is an Associate Minister in her church. She loves to write romances with an underlying Christian theme. “The Preacher’s Son” is her first published work and the next update in the Ferguson saga is now in the works.

Contact: Brenda Anderson / preachromantic@gmail.com