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        The company has the highest production speed production equipment in East China. Suyu Paper Products takes the production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated cartons as its core business, equipped with specialized logistics team, delivers stable and high-quality cardboard and carton products to customers quickly and efficiently. To further enhance the operation and management system, the company insists on innovation and deepening management, and implements resource planning management. Management System (ERP) to improve the operation of the company.

        The company has Italian Fosberg 2.8m cardboard production line, Taiwan Xiexu 2.5m cardboard production line, Taiwan 1 5-color printing press, Taiwan 1 4-color printing press, Oriental 5-color printing linkage line, Dinglong 5-color printing press, financial 4-color printing press and various advanced and perfect supporting production and processing equipment; the annual processing capacity of raw paper is 150,000 tons, with annual sales of nearly 1 billion yuan. The introduction of advanced processing and production equipment from Italy, Taiwan, Korea and other countries and regions in recent two years will provide customers with better products and efficient service guarantee.