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How to make corrugated anti-regurgitation agent

release time:2017-11-24 clicks:24347

Corrugated anti-moisture special additives, the product is widely used in corrugated paper, cardboard and other cardboard sizing agent in the production process to add additives to prevent the paper regurgitation, increased ring crush strength and reduce the amount of starch. Adding this product can improve the stiffness and tensile strength of the paper so that the paper's hardness is significantly increased, the ring crush strength of paperboard is improved, and the physical properties are improved.

First, the product technical indicators:

1, Appearance: white powdery solid;

2, the active ingredient: 96% or more;

3, PH value: 6-7;

4, particle size: 30-80 mesh

5, density: 1.04

6, shelf life: 25 ℃, 180 days

Second, the product features

1. Advanced technology (using atmospheric pressure reversal process), fine particle size, narrow distribution, stable performance.

2. Potential balance, easy to achieve their own dispersed.

3. Product compatibility, easy to implement and starch emulsion compatible.

4. Large tolerance for the slurry, the surface can be tolerated to add other sizing agent additives, does not destroy the slurry system balance.

Third, the technical conditions:

1, the amount added: 1-2KG / ton of paper.

2, adding method: Weigh a certain amount of corrugated anti-regurgitation agent, into the starch premix tank dilution, and then heated with starch 95 degrees gelatinization, the operation method and conventional surface sizing starch gelatinization method, Filtration glue.

3, to join the order: can be added before the gelatinized starch.

Fourth, product performance:

This product is added in the surface sizing starch paste, the paper is not in the resurgence, stiffness has been improved, flatness better than before, smoothness also increased, especially the corrugated ring pressure indicators have been increased and prevent the paper regain.