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The characteristics of cardboard and production development

release time:2017-11-24 clicks:19187

Many types of cardboard, a large number of used for product packaging, but also for the special needs of various fields in industry. Therefore, the production of cardboard is not only related to the packaging and transportation of goods, but also affect the electrical industry, construction industry, automobile manufacturing and other industries. In recent years, the increase of demand for cardboard in our country and the development of production are fast, and the proportion of cardboard in total paper is also on the rise. And the amount of demand will increase with the development of the national economy.

Compared with plastic, wood, metal, glass and other packaging materials packaging board has the following characteristics:

Low cost, save wood, waste paper boxes can be recycled, less pollution. Compared with wood only, compared with wood, due to the strict requirements on the quality of the wood made of wood, the general need for high-quality wood, and the production of cardboard boxes on the low demand for wood raw materials, sapwood waste can be used, and hardwood, straw , Grinding wood pulp, waste pulp, etc. can be used, so the cost of the box is much lower than the wooden box. And the wooden box processing and recycling difficulties, and the carton is very easy to facilitate continuous production.

Carton light weight, easy to ship, reduce transport load, low shipping costs.

Cartons for printing, beautiful decoration, easy to promote products, and promote sales.

Cardboard can be special processing (such as composite), so that the carton has a variety of special properties to meet the needs of a variety of packaging.

Due to continuous improvement of cardboard production technology, heavy and large machinery can also be packed in cardboard boxes. Even live seafood can be transported long-distance by specially treated carton packs, and special cardboard boxes can be made such as moisture-proof, anti-bacteria, ultraviolet and infrared protection. Therefore, all over the world attach great importance to the production of cardboard.

The production of cardboard has the following development directions:

Cardboard lightweight - to low-weight, high strength, thin cardboard direction. With the assurance of even increased strength, the basis weight of the packaging board has been gradually declining. Due to the development of new and heavy-duty containers, the board must have better strength and construction. Micro-corrugated corrugated board with high strength and good printability, as well as honeycomb paperboard with light weight, high strength, high rigidity, good buffering, thermal insulation and good thermal insulation properties, will be greatly developed, and therefore new pulp with high strength will be needed.

Recycled pulp production of cardboard. Due to the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the shortage of global resources, the production of recycled pulp (especially in the production of high-grade paper) will be greatly developed.

Improve the appearance of cardboard quality, surface properties and printing properties, so that the high-grade cardboard can be adapted to a variety of printing methods (including soft printing, offset printing, gravure printing) and a variety of inks (including water-soluble ink) beautifully printed color requirements, And to diversify product varieties to meet the needs of different users.

The use of chemical additives and the use of composite technology to produce packaging paperboard to meet the special needs. In short the development of cardboard production is low quantitative, high strength and high surface quality.